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Which Nintendo Switch is best for you

Which Nintendo Switch Is best for you?

The Nintendo Switch has become the most innovative gaming console and handheld. The Steam Deck, the Rog Ally, and the Lenovo Legion Go all borrow some characteristics from the Nintendo Switch.

The Original Switch

The original Switch is the first of its kind, which is why many of these PC handhelds exist. The ability to play both handheld and on the television was the biggest game changer in gaming history.

The original Nintendo Switch is not a monster house of a gaming device. Still, the technology was remarkable for its time.

Reasons to buy the original


The best qualities of owning the original Switch. The price of owning the original will be USD 299.99 before taxes. This is still cheaper than a Steam Deck, leaving some cash in the bank for your accessories.

The Innovation

The biggest and best thing about the Switch is how user-friendly it is. The simple plug-and-play is taken to another level once you realize just how much on-the-go gaming you can do with it.

Games like Breath of the Wild and Pokemon Scarlett genuinely look amazing on the original and on your TV.

Cons of owning the original

Battery life from the original

The first Switch had a lower battery life during handheld mode, and depending on the game you played, you could only get two hours out of one charge. The games got more demanding as time passed, which meant the battery would not be the same as the original Switch.


I bet you are saying how this can be a problem when I said it was a good thing. Well, because of its size, it is much bigger than your phone and bigger than the new iPhone 15 Pro Max. So stuffing this down your pocket will not be ideal, and sometimes, you do not want to grab a backpack to take this on a short trip to the mall or anywhere.

The Nintendo Switch OLED

We like to say that the OLED Switch is the best of the best in all categories of gaming handhelds.

The Best thing about the Switch OLED


The OLED has the best-looking screen out of all three switch devices in the market. It does not make a complete overhaul change in gaming, but something about the crisps of what the OLED screen does while playing The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt adds to your gaming experience.

Battery Life

The Battery Life adds a small change up to the lineup. The OLED is a but bigger than the Original and because of that the battery is slightly bigger giving you much longer play time on the OLED.

Refresh on the Joycons

The Joycons improved, not in appearance but in feel. They now feel tighter as you play Princess Peach: Showtime or South Park: Snow Day.

The Kickstand

The original came with a flexible kickstand that was easily detachable, sometimes leaving you more focused on how the stand would hold up in tabletop mode. Well, the OLED has improved the kickstand by making it a full-length flap.

What you need to know about the OLED

The price

The OLED version will come at a price coming at USD 400.00, not leaving much room for games and other accessories to buy.

Same as the original

The OLED is slightly different from the original in small ways. The screen and kickstand are what sets the two apart, but Nintendo kept the same formula as the original.

Size does matter

If you want size then the OLED will be which Switch is Best for you. The OLED double the size of the Nintendo Switch Lite and slightly bigger than the original.

The OLED is rocking a 7-inch screen versus the original with a 6.2-inch.

Cons to owning the OLED


The biggest con to owning a OLED is the price of it, if you wanted games with this Switch depending on your budget you may not get some games right away.

The price point makes the OLED closer to buying any other gaming console like the Xbox Series S and the Digital PlayStation 5.

As far which Switch is best for you this would be for the top dollar spender.

You'll need a case for this pretty penny

Because of that price point and it's size you will need a protective case. Which will add to budget almost touching USD 500 dollars, depending on what you pick as a case along with a screen protector, and grip case. Buying the OLED is not a cheap gaming console.

The Switch Lite

The Switch Lite might be the best thing Nintendo has created. The Lite is all of the mixtures of the Switch. It is much smaller, easy to carry around, and great for those interested in gaming.

Reasons to buy the Switch Lite

The first thing about the Switch Lite is its price point: USD 199.99 before taxes. This makes it a cheaper option than the OLED and Original handhelds, leaving a ton of opportunity to buy accessories.

Not only is the lite a cheaper option, but you can also choose from different color schemes. To add more flavor to your play style.

But my favorite thing about the Lite is how portable it is. Yes, the Switch OLED and Original are portable, but both OLED and Original are much bigger than the Lite. But the Lite is so much smaller than both that you can put it in your pocket without a case. The Lite has brought me back to the GBA days.

Another reason I like the Switch Lite is how powerful it can be. The entire Switch catalog is playable on the Switch Lite. Games like Zelda Tear of the Kingdom, Prince of Persia: The Lost Crown, and even the switch port of Doom Eternal.

Sure, these are great reasons to buy a Lite, but not all things do not have cons to them, and I would not be a great friend if I did not list the negatives about the Lite.

Cons of owning a Lite

Battery Life

The battery life is not better than the other two devices. That does not mean the battery is terrible; it only means the battery will drain faster than the other.

Permanent controllers

You can not switch Joycons because they have built-in controllers. If you encounter stick drift, you will have to find a place that can repair your controller.

No Docking

The coolest thing about the gaming handheld was playing the Switch on your TV when you returned home. Unfortunately, this is not the case with the Switch Lite.

What is the best option for you?

The best Switch depends on the needs of your playtime. When it comes to budget and portability the Switch Lite is the best bang for your buck.

You can take the Lite with you in your pocket if you don't want to fork over extra cash for a case and you want to spend more money on the games.

If you just want sort of the best of both worlds the original Switch will be your best friend. It's the most cost-friendly between the OLED and the original while you can play both handheld and TV.

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