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The good and bad it's wwe 2k23 universe mode desperately needs to be better

WWE 2k23 is in the long line of fanatic wrestling games that has always brought the fans of real-life counterparts to our home and gaming consoles. But over the last 10 years, 2k has failed to revamp one of the greatest modes ever created in a wrestling game, Universe mode.

a picture from wwe 2k23 universe mode
Roman Reigns holding two title belts

Here's the truth wwe 2k23 universe mode sucks. Why does it suck well it will be best if you read further.

 WWE 2k23 Universe mode sucks, here's why

As a fan of these games, as you are, it would be a good thing: a new 2k wrestling game and another chance for the universe to shine. Unfortunately, we are asking too much for the developers to add anything new to the game. Because every year except for 21, we had a wrestling game to look forward to. Every year we act like everything is fine, but it's not.

The bad thing about wwe 2k23 universe mode is this. It's the same thing every year, with little to no real game-changing to the mode. You get total control over how you want your universe to play out, but the cutscenes have stayed the same for years. How many times will you get excited for a rival cutscene of the Aj Styles at the head of the ramp or seeing the same sneak attack done by 4 different wrestlers until you don't care anymore?

The bugs still exist in 2k games. For some reason, when you have double-tag champions, they do not always come out with both belts. Jimmy and Jey Uso are my double champions, and at times one will come out with the raw tag belt around their waist and the other with the smackdown tag belt around their waist.

Here's a contradiction to the total control for universe mode. If you want to make your created wrestlers double champs, they can be, but they will not have any dual title entrances. While any tag partners will not use double belt-holding entries such as Jimmy and Jey Uso. And everyone else will use Roman Reigns' entrance for holding multiple belts.

The good of universe mode

It's not all disappointment in WWE 2k23 universe mode. As I said, in the begging universe mode is what brings it home. Matches can be fun to play and spectate again. If you are like me and love to spectate, I found some game-changing sliders thank a YouTuber channel, Wacky Katt. The YouTuber has two videos about sliders that should help your A.I. vs. A.I. match.

Remember to change them to default if you want to play. Using the sliders makes the game extremely easy to play, user vs. computer. The game will never stop being fun since you can almost do what you want in this game.

I can tell you, my friends, and I spent countless hours playing universe mode as spectators and as the superstars. So what do I love about the mode? Of course, the options. I'm glad I can decide who I want to be the wwe champion for both shows. Or I can separate Raw and Smackdown and make the shows a separate universe.

Usually, when I start this mode, I have 60 created characters ready to put on Raw and Smackdown.The game allows you to work up your finishers as you get momentum for your signatures.

A helping idea for WWE 2k23 universe mode

2k has returned a unique feature that escaped wrestling games since 2008 (Gm mode was in WWE 2k22 last year). General Manager mode, like universe mode, allowed fans to control their universe but with a twist.

Unlike universe mode, my gm mode allows fans to pick a manager for a specific show. The manager, along with computer choices or human control, would choose a show and wrestlers to carry out the show.

wwe 2k23 Universe mode has gotten stale from needing more innovation or making better changes to the mode. Year after year we saw the same cutscenes to the same rivalry storyline that never felt it was going anywhere.

Like myself, whenever I buy a 2k game, I am the person who makes his wrestlers and universe and watches the event unfold. Thanks to YouTubers who make weekly videos on universe mode have found a way to keep people entertained. But what about the gamers who own the game and want to create their universe and spectate?

But sadly, game after game, the cutscenes have become rinse and repeat. Now I hardly watch rivalry matches because of their stale and boringness.

So I propose something 2k can easily do for the next 2k game. Combined the features of universe mode and my gm. G.M. has features to help boost your match ratings.

All wrestlers have a fighting style that works with different kinds of a wrestler. For example, the giant class works well with cruisers and fighters with bruisers. So, why not add that element to the universe?

Adding this style to this specific mode will change how spectators see matches because now the game A.I. system should detect the fighter's class and program the A.I. to fight precisely how they should in real life.


Overall this is a good game still.WWE 2k23 universe mode is a fun feature that will always attract wrestling fans. But is it worth the total price? That is a no. This game is a deal if you wait for the sale. The changes for this game are significant, but the changes to universe mode need to be more drastic for a total price of 60 dollars. Why can't we get the same storytelling from here comes the pain in 2k23 universe mode? The technology is so much better than it was 15 years ago.

It's fun to play and entertaining to complete the showcase. but there needs to be more that will keep you wanting to play and wanting to buy the next 2k game. That was what the universe was for. Because it was a continuing season, it never stopped, and there was so much to do. It is merely a shell of itself and may never return to glory.

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