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The comic book, The Incredible Hulk #3, is a fantastic read without a doubt

In issue 3, witness the incredible power of the Hulk as he effortlessly tears through massive beasts. Don't miss out on this epic display of strength and transformation. Get your copy now!

The Incredible Hulk 3 continues where things were left off in issue 2. To quickly recap the last issue, Banner and Charlie are led to a church where there is a trap to kill Banner.

The trap worked according to plan, but they did not expect the Hulk to burst out, saving Banner's punny life. This begins our story in issue 3.

At the beginning of The Incredible Hulk #3, we see the big green giant ripping through a small group of looking worshipers. Destroying the church in the process, Charlie falls into a hole, forcing the Hulk to jump after her, saving her. There, the Hulk faces a colossal monster that he easily rips through.

The Incredible Hulk #3 - it's action-packed and full of captivating storytelling. You won't be disappointed!

The direction of the artwork is amazing in this run. Everything is dark and graphical, which creates a different type of content in Hulk stories. Seeing Hulk take on a gigantic monster makes me smile because we get to see the raw power that the big jade giant once showed in comics.

Another thing that works for the story Is the cult direction. In a small way, we now know that Hulk or someone like the Hulk has faced this powerful demon who goes by Brother Deep, and his family is looking to resurrect him. To do that, they must capture the Hulk, which is problematic.

We get to see the pure power of the Hulk on display again. In the first three comics, Hulk has not once taken the chance not to display his power. This is great for a Hulk comic because the reader wants to see action when reading comics.

The character direction is excellent.

I still need to truly understand the purpose of the little girl following the Hulk.

In the first issue, we see she had an abusive childhood, living under her father. Charlie's encounter with the Hulk was about his power and how she wants to have it. In this issue, she asks him to give her powers like that. Maybe her character is there to provide the Hulk with a companion for his journey to rid the world of Banner.


Incredible Hulk #3 was a better comic, almost perfect. There is nothing wrong with this comic to point out. Dialogue is at an ideal pace because this Hulk doesn't say much, which works. After all, we see more action. The drawing and color scheme have always mixed in the story well.

On a scale 5, this comic gets a 5 out of 5 for the best comic to read in this lineup.

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