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Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League: A wild blast of fun that's a must-play.

Suicide Squad Kill the Justice League
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Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League: A wild blast of fun that's a must-play.

Seriously, I think Rocksteady studios Suicide Squad game is worth a playthrough. I am in love with this game. The story is funny, and the characters' direction is interesting. Most importantly, this game does not disappoint except for a few things. 

Though I love playing this game, its flaws can be a pain when you encounter them. To save you time reading my review, I will start by listing everything I do not like about it. Understand this: According to Rocksteady, even though this game is part of the Arkham Series, it does not play like an Arkham game. Yes, it has dr. harleen quinzel who is connected to Batman Arkham, even touches on a bit of the series in the game. The game should feel like a great service to DC fans to have another game that touches on the DC universe. But honestly, this game surprised me in many ways the more I played through the story. 

Suicide Squad Kill the Justice League is more like killing my joy when my Internet loses connection.

Yes, the infamous live service hurts the game and can kill the fun, like your grandmother bringing up old embarrassing memories. The 2024 looter shooter is a constant online game that can drag you down. 

If you have been aware of the constant argument about the decision to make the game a live service, which tarnished its momentum, you can read all of the arguments on Twitter, also known as X. 

To make matters worse about the game being a live service, to answer your question, yes, if you lose connection after completing a long boss fight or mission, you will have to start that mission over. Yes, this is one of the reasons why people wanted to avoid this game going the route it has gone. 

I've been playing this game for a rough 14 hours of writing this review. I had the game three days early, thanks to buying the early access edition. My Internet could be better in town, but it gets the job done. Trust me when I  say I have lost connection eight times in the hours of playing. That's eight times me restarting my play session and starting the mission over. 

 It definitely could use an offline mode. This game could never be perfect because of that problem. To play the game, you have to have good Internet, and if you don't have great Internet, you'll experience a loss of connection. By server cancellation, I mean you'll lose your progress during that mission because of a server issue the longer you play the game. Unfortunately, I have been at the end of this because you do not have a stable Internet connection. This will always be a huge downfall to live service games.

Experience the ultimate adrenaline rush by elevating the combat level to 10!

My time with the Squad has been a blast in the 14 hours I've spent playing on my Steam Deck and Rog Ally combined. Deadshot is my character choice, as I use him a lot more in the story and free-roam. 

Captain Boomerang and Harly Quinn are tied to me, leaving King Shark as my last choice of playable characters. I choose to play with certain characters or my play style primarily because of the specials in the game. Each character has the same button layout but plays differently. Deadshot and Boomer can both use a Sniper rifle, which is my play style. I think the coolest thing about this game is each character's many weapon choices in their arsenal. Yes, they sort of overlap each other because of the four characters' style; it is still fun to be able to play with each character that can use one style of gun that another player uses. 

For example, Harly Quinn can use SMG, heavy guns, and pistols; Deadshot can use sniper, pistols, and assault rifles; Boomer can use shotguns and SMGs. and sniper rifles, while King Shark uses heavy weapons, shotguns, and SMGs. Each squad member can use one weapon that the other can specialize in, which helps add more flare for each character. This adds more combat options for Harly Quinn as you can chain a combo of attacks since you can use her traversal to swing across enemies with a legendary SMG and a quick hot grenade, then switch over to a heavy gun and mow down a flock of brainiac minions. 

You cannot play the same way with all four characters; each character skill tree requires them to constantly rush, snipe, or even combine both attack styles. I learned this the hard way throughout my playthrough i would try and stand still while being in combat and that frustarating me. I would constantly die in the mission, but things changed when I started to keep the character moving. Before I knew it, as Boomer, I would use his speed to zip around the combat zone while using his melee as an opening to attack, then finishing them off with a quick round of his SMG. The same goes for Deadshot, who uses his jetpack to hover or fly around the zone. The jet pack might be my favorite because of how tight of a window you have to use the ability. In 30 seconds, a skillful player can swoop in, lay covering fire, toss a grenade while hovering, and leave the combat to search for another group of enemies. I know because, my entire playthrough, this was my go-to as Deadshot. 

The cooldowns can get a bit annoying at the beginning of the game because of the small learning curve, but it becomes forgetful as you learn the game mechanics because you quickly realize the abilities reset fast and even have a quicker reset than when you hit the ground.

A solid game, I would rate it 8 out of 10

Suicide Squad Kill The Justice League is a great game, but it is not a perfect game. The missions can get a bit boring as you play throughout the game. Unfortunately, the side missions are rinse and repeat.

Depending on your fun factor of level design, this can be a huge hindrance. But here's the thing about the game: in my opinion, the combat is what sells the game. The combat choice helps increase the fun factor because this game can go from zero to one hundred in seconds. The specials for each character fit their style and 

Combat is what sells this game; the different traversal styles, guns, and grenades all greatly impact the game.

But you face some challenges that could keep you from wanting to play this game for a long time. As of writing this review, I was at 14 hours, but by the time I uploaded this game, I would have been over 20 hours in the game. The missions in between the story are not the best. They are simple and are rinse and repeat as you progress through them, but what game does not have this in their game?

Knowing this, I still say this game is worth a playthrough, but maybe wait until it goes on sale because that 70 dollars to 100 dollars price point is a little steep. on a scale of 10 I give Suicide Squad Kill The Justice League a 8 out of 10. It is nowhere near a perfect game, but it is not a terrible game, to say the least.  

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