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Starfield, the ultimate game-changer of 2023, available on Xbox Game Pass.

Updated: Nov 9, 2023

Starfield is a game-changer in RPGs this year, with immersive gameplay and the potential to shape the future of gaming.

Spaceship taking off  in-game

I cannot tell you the many times I got so into the game attacking enemy ships trying to avoid attacks by stronger enemies. Yes, Bethesda has taken the Mass Effect formula and evolved it.

Of course, that goes without saying it's a Bethesda game so that it will play like Fallout 4. In this review, I played Starfield on both PC and Xbox Series S with a combined run time of 20 hours of writing this review. PC for screen capturing and a small part of the gameplay, and on Xbox Series S for the majority.

So that involves some janky movement and questionable events that sometimes end in your favor and others won't. This is my review of playing Starfield.

Disclaimer: This review contains minor spoilers that you may not encounter. If you want to read other reviews, click here.

My first thought while playing Starfield.

Initially, I thought the weakest part of the game would be the combat, but I was wrong. I am happy the action blew me away, literally. Sometimes, the janky feel kicks in, but never enough to make me want to quit the game.

In a short burst, the game shooting can rival some good cover shooters by Bethesda standards ( meaning for a Bethesda game, the shooting is outstanding.) Many don't know, but you can use the duck and cover feature if you play in first person. Combat gets a 5 out of 5 from us. So when people say Starfield is a game-changer in RPGs this year. We agree.

Compared to other games, Starfield's storyline is not as strong.

The story is generic. Find an artifact that leads to alien life that is still more advanced than humans. Yeah, we've seen this and done that, but with this style of game, this is to be expected. How different can a space story be if you think about it?

When I say weaker, it is not to say it is boring, as many other bloggers say. The game story is generic to point out. But the game needed a narrative. The story itself is fine and drawn out at a decent pace. However, the missions for the main story are tedious. Each mission is a rinse and repeat. Go to this place and find this item, which happens repeatedly.

But let me say the story becomes deeper as you play the game. Like all stories, Starfield does a great job of building to the end.

Bethesda has made the best RPG game, and here's why

Bethesda is known for its janky gameplay, but this game is by far the best RPG Bethesda has ever made. When you think of Mass Effect, you think of storytelling, and you think of space. Well, Bethesda has taken that formula and improved on it.

No Man's Sky later became the game it is today—the ability to travel to different planets and roam around seeing different species. In Bethesda, Starfield has taken that and made the game better by adding combat and space combat.

I won't beat around the bush - the game's main problems are

The main missions are the same thing over and over, and it struggles on PC. The majority of the main quest the mission fell under the same style of search and attack. Though the combat was fun, it shows the need for more creativity for the main quest.

For example, if there are 12 main missions, 7 will find the information for a secret location, kill everyone, and collect your reward. The problem with the main missions is that they can get repetitive and make people want to speed-run the game.

The second issue I had with this game was it's fps on pc. The main complaint for Xbox and Steam is that the game is not optimized for PC players. I can agree with this. ( My PC is of a lower end at this point .) I am running on a Ryzen 7 3700x and an AMD Radeon RX 5700 XT. I can't run 4k, but I can barely run Starfiled on the lowest settings.

Well, that is not true. In the 17 hours of playing, it has crashed once. But the frames will bounce around constantly as I play. Frames will reach 120 and randomly drop to 19 or even 12. I'm unsure what the deal is, but it can be frustrating once I get into the game.


Starfield is undoubtedly a game-changer in the realm of RPGs this year. It depends on how you look at the game. If you like Bethesda-style games, this will be a game for you to lose yourself in. The combat carries the game, while the unstable framerate can frustrate PC players. However, the game is excellent to play on a console.

On a scale of 5, I give Starfiled a 3.5 out of 5. The combat is not enough to say this is a perfect game. The lack of explanation the game provides is a takeaway from its score. But the overall game does hold promise for the future of RPGs, as Mass Effect is the grandfather of these sci-fi games. Starfield is a game-changer in RPGs this year.

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