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Is Insomniac Spider-Man 2 the best superhero Video games? N0

Updated: Dec 28, 2023

WE ARE VENOM our latest Spider-Man 2 game review

Marvel Spider-Man 2 game changes what we think is a classic superhero video games. The second game hits the ground running with some high points in a great story and low points with its outdated side quest.

We give Spider-Man 2 an 8 out of 10, but here's why.

Alert: Small spoilers are in this review, and I must mention this game was played on the Spectacular difficulty.

Adventure games have boring side quests, but switching Spider-Man is always fun.

The gameplay is good, like the last two games. Sure, they added some new powers, but the game has not changed. That saying is true: what is not broken, don't fix it.

One of the downsides to the new combat feature is that the God of War (rage mode) has replaced the suit's unique abilities. All the suits are the same, meaning they all are just skins this year. The only difference each suit brings is if they are your favorite. Mine is the classic suit all day.

The rage mode (Symbiote Surge) or Miles special (Venom Blast) has a meter you can build up to unleash a devastating attack or flurry of combos. This new addition takes away one of the best reasons to pick a suit or its power.

Originally, in the 2018 Spider-Man game, I only played in the classic suit and used only four powers; that choice was fun. But rage mode is neat.

The coolest thing ever is that you can switch between Peter and Miles on the fly, sort of. Depending on how far along the story you are, sometimes one of the wall crawlers is locked. But switching between Peter and Miles is similar to GTA V and a few other video games.

Every time you switch between the two, you instantly change your view to the next Spider-Man. Sometimes, you will see Miles catching up on text messages or Peter suiting up. But it's always a blast switching.

As much as I liked this game, I hated the opening and boss fights in Spider-Man 2.

Like most video games the dev team has a core that works and a core that doesn't. The ability tree gets a bonus in this game. Peter and Miles have their own skill trees and share a tree. Each has a series of moves to unlock individually while sharing a tree that benefits both. Helpful tip: I would open all of the shareables first. Because both characters use the moves, it helps the game flow.

Thanks to the new parry system, combat has a slight change. There isn't much to say about this, but now you can parry specific attacks, including bosses. The attacks you can block are red, and the unblockable flash blue.

But the parrying system, though it adds a flare to the game, is weird to have in a game like this. One, it is a Spider-Man video game; he dodges attacks, not blocks or parries. Two, the system timing is off at times. One moment, you have to time the button on the flash of red, but instead, the game will consider it a block, and when you block, you lose health.

I did not have a good time using the parry at all.

All of the boss fights feel the same, with small variations of pattern changes. This can be repetitive as you think you are fighting the same enemy.

Kraven, Scream, and Venom felt like I was fighting the same villain. Yes, each had different move-sets, but each went down the same. Parry and attack and rinse and repeat. The fights got to the point where I stopped using my abilities because my fist did the job.

With great power comes a great villain.

Now, I am not one to shy away from saying Marvel's Spider-Man (2018) had the weakest story imaginable. The writers were told to add DOC OCK in at the last second because he is a big villain (In my Opinion).

The writers must have heard me because the story was award-winning. The focus on tying all possible parts together is what brings it home. In fact, the story is what really brings life to this game. In the opening, I felt the game was taking some pointers from the movie game Spider-Man 3 by adding Sandman to the bunch.

Then, that fight sequence against Sandman felt more like Spider-Man 3. But the story of having your best friend become your greatest enemy reaches many different emotions.

Kraven felt like a true villain.

Kraven was awesome in this game. His reason for his actions was clear, and he backed it up with a punch or two. In the first game, Martin Li was the main villain, but he never truly felt that way, seeing how the only time you dealt with his goons was in the story.

Well, lesson learned because you feel Kreven presents throughout the city by dealing with his hunters and their secret base camps. This is how you sell a character. You show their reason, make their operation smart, and give them one step ahead each time.

Kraven always felt in control, which is how you want to make a villain for your game.

Final Verdict

It's no secret I love this story with its amazing pacing and emotions of connecting the bridge for the main characters. The game gives Miles the right passage to be the city's main Spider-Man.

The downside to this game was its mechanical additions and repetitive boss fights. The story is the true winner of this game, and because of that, we give Spider-Man 2 a rating of 8 out of 10.

More video games to be reviewed if you like this review please leave a comment with your thoughts.

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