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Rog ally plays DD2 in turbo mode, but how?

Updated: Apr 2

I wrote this article before the recent title update was released. Rog Ally plays DD2 in turbo mode, but it's not worth it for now. Let me explain.

Dragon's Dogma 2, the latest offering from Capcom in the realm of ARPG games, is a highly anticipated sequel to the original Dragon's Dogma. However, the game's initial release was marred by performance issues. A glance at the Steam reviews, discounting the recurring complaints about optional microtransactions, confirms this.

You will see other reviews talk about how bad the game's performance is. I have tried to play some gaming on my PC, my Steam Deck, and Rog Ally. While the game runs on my PC in the worst way possible, I could not get it to run on my Steam Deck over 12 FPS.

As a gaming handheld blogging site, I wish to provide the best information for my fellow handheld gamers and gamers alike. Dragon's Dogma 2 does not run well on Steam Deck; however, the Rog Ally plays dd2 in turbo mode and only in turbo mode.

Rog ally plays dd2 in turbo mode at 25 fps.

Rest assured, I wrote this blog before the latest patch. However, I am committed to updating you on any changes to Rog Ally's performance when playing Dragon's Dogma 2. Stay tuned for more!

After numerous attempts to achieve a playable frame rate of over 12 fps on my Steam Deck, I turned to my trusty Rog Ally, a personal favorite gaming handheld. While Dragon's Dogma 2 does run on the Rog Ally, it's not without its challenges. Given that both the SD and the Ally are essentially PCs in a handheld form, some workarounds are necessary to ensure smooth gameplay.

In the first few minutes of owning the game, the Ally would not even launch it in full screen. My workaround was to keep the game in full-screen resolution. Then, the next was the frame rate. The workaround to making this awesome RPG is to keep the game in turbo mode, but your battery will hate you for it.

In my experience, the Rog Ally shines as one of the best handheld PCs for gaming in Turbo Mode.

The upside is that it can handle the most demanding PC games at 30+ FPS, offering a promising gaming experience. However, it's important to note that your battery life will inevitably suffer over time.

While I'd love to paint a rosy picture, there's a crucial detail to achieving playable frame rates: Rog Ally needs to be constantly plugged in, utilizing all available wattage. This is a necessary sacrifice for a smooth gaming experience.

The Rog Ally plays DD2 on turbo mode, but it needs constant wattage power.

That's right. I will say it first: the best way to run Drogan's Dogma 2 on the Rog Ally z1 Extreme is to have it on turbo and constantly charged, giving you the total wattage of battery power.

Now, why does the game perform better while constantly charging?

I cannot tell you because I do not want to steer you wrong, but as someone who has played both ways, I have noticed the frames stay above 25 for moments at a time longer than running on turbo battery.

Of course, when things start to ramp up, many enemies and the cities you visit will contribute to and dip your frames. But the game is much more playable when wired than when the battery is off.

Hopefully, a patch will soon help all handheld players

To end this piece, I want to remind you that this was not my review of the game but merely to point out how the Rog Ally runs Dragon's Dogma 2 on turbo mode.

So, in my opinion, this game is playable, but you will get the best performance while the handheld is wired to the charger. Hopefully, in its lifespan, we can get a patch that will make the game playable for both the Rog Ally and Steam deck.

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