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Review of Immortal Thor #1: The King of All Realms

Image of Thor fighting Loki in Immortal Thor #1
Thor Vs Loki

After Marvel ended the 2018 Thor run by Donny Gates, Marvel decided to start a new run with the fantastic team from Immortal Hulk. Al Ewing and Martin Coccolo team up once again to write the Immortal Thor #1.

In issue 1 of Immortal Thor, we learn Thor has taken over as King and what adventure he looks forward to.

Warning: There are some spoilers in this review

Immortal Thor #1 review

The Immortal Thor, written by Al Ewing and drawn by Martin Coccolo, touches on Thor being the ruler of Asgard. In the first panel, Thor faces off against the Frost Giants. The cool thing about this comic is that the first ten pages open up the world, and we see what has happened.

In this comic, Odinson seems to be a calmer version of himself than the other storylines we have witnessed. This could be because the loss of his father forced him to be ruler finally. We learn that his once brother, now woman Loki, used to rule over JOTUNHEIM ( home of the frost giants.)

The story is told in narration that opens up to warn the audience of what lies in the dark if you are not watching.

This artwork holds its own

The best part about this comic is its artwork and coloring. The art and colors make the story pop. The colorway brings extra life to what the action is happening. Thor faces off against a frost Giant named Skyrim or UTGARD-LOKI; honestly, the second name sounds cooler.

We see Skyrim power up, ready to attack Thor, which proves to be a mistake because Thor shows why he is Thor the god of Thunder. With a wave of MJOKNIR, Thor smashes through the giant with ease.

If you have not read a Thor comic, this would be a great comic to start with. Yes, it has some tie-ins from past comics, but that will not confuse the reader in this story. It will even make the reader curious about how Thor became All-father.

The story ties the amazing artwork together. The book's first half feels a lot different than what the second half shows. The book's first half opens the door for information, and it is a bit of it being told. We get to see the furious four of Thor's loyal friends. We got to see the new Loki and what they were up to.

But most importantly, in the story's second half, we get to the meat of the very first page, which was a great setup for the real story. Trouble is brewing in the story to be told.

It was awesome to see Thor in his old costume from the '60s. Something about a classic suit fits what will be a classic comic book.

What I have not liked about the book

One thing I did not like about this book was the narration. In the beginning, it was fitting and dark and mysterious. However, reading became a bit annoying for me as I began to read. ( Mostly because of Shakespeare's writing ) But what got me confused was the quick jumps between Thor, Loki, and the narrator. For a few panels, you ( maybe it was just me ) are not sure if Loki is the one talking or the narrator.

This made the following a bit confusing. It was not for the entire first half but on a crucial point about Loki and her/his sacrifice.

The sudden change to Loki is a bit of a why do that?

Maybe it fits the story, and we must see as the run continues. But there's a bit of confusion on whether Loki is now a boy or a girl. In one panel, Loki says he is the god and goddess of the story. So why lay that confusion on to your audience?  Again, this is only in the first ten pages of the book, but two massive parts can make or break this book in the long run.

The End

Despite the new Loki change and the information overload in the book's first half. It does not tear down the entire book. The first page seems almost forgettable until you reach the last few pages. This is the best setup for how a comic should start and end.

The writer makes you forget what you just read because of all the distractions, and it hits you like a huge truck. Because of that, if we gave this book a rating out of 10, it would be an 8.

The story in the end was amazing, and the moments were great. The color scheme and art wowed us in the entire book. We give this Immortal Thor 1 review a must-read. 

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