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My Adventures with Superman: Why I Disliked the Show's Constant Anime Style of Powers and Portrayal

My Adventures with Superman is the latest TV adaptation of the long-running superhero Superman. Superman has been in comics for over 80 years, with some great and not-so-great stories.

Television has been a staple for Superman cartoons and films alike. One of the greatest cartoons featuring Superman is the 2000s Justice League. This cartoon featured the likes of the Justice League members Batman, Wonder Woman, The Flash, Martian Manhunter, The Green Lanter, and supes.

But we saw other adaptations of his solo career, one using many episodes from Action Comics, and that cartoon is none other than Superman The animated series, which had a fantastic run from 1996 to the early 2000s.

Superman: The Animated Series was well written and did not give an origin story. Instead, we go with a story of Clark Kent as the reporter who worked closely with Lois Lane and Jimmy Olsen. Time after time, we saw great battles unfold and well-connected storytelling that followed the comics.

Now, DC has green-lighted a new show called My Adventures with Superman. That runs on Adult Swim and seems a loose adaptation of The Man of Steel. The show is about Clark Kent and his best friend Jimmy Olsen, along with Lois being an intern at Daily Planet.

Nothing is truly wrong with that. That is an excellent way to show off the show. Things get a new look for the hero who has been around for eight decades, and the show makes sense.

But what the show fails to follow is its constant anime style of his powers, not to mention the constant portrayal of how Superman is supposed to be.

My Adventures with Superman doesn't work for me

Oh, how I hate this show

The show is an anime, and nothing is wrong with that. DC has been trying to tap into the manga and anime market for some time now. But it is trying to be an anime, so it changes how Clark's powers work. In the show, Clark is learning how to use his powers. This is the first mistake.

Clark's powers developed as a kid and developed as he grew older. But for the show to work, he does not understand his powers. Because of this, when danger is around, Clark is constantly on the losing side of a battle, which brings me to reason number 2 of why I'm not too fond of this show.

He has power-up moments that do not make sense. There is a fight towards the end of episode one. In a poor disguise, Clark fights a giant robot, which is winning, by the way. In a moment, Lois Lane is about to be smashed by the robot, and like all anime shows, the hero has a power-up moment.

Clark's eyes glow blue, and he has a boost in power and completely turns the tide of the battle. Poorly disguised, Clark beats the giant robot with no problem and saves Lois and the day. ( This scene is cool in anime.) but this changes how Superman uses his powers.

I did not like the constant variation of characters in the show. For example, Parasite and Professor Ivo are now one character. This is what I hate about this show. Parasite was a great villain for Superman because he siphoned his powers to feed his hunger. Ivo is a supervillain who makes androids. Ivo is also known for making AMZO. However, Ivo is still a genius in My Adventures with Superman, and the parasite is a mech suit.

To add injury, the parasite looked more alien-like at times, but he looked like a humanoid reptile in the show.

What I like about the show

Only some things from the show are good, and if you like the Man of Steel, this could be worth your time. The different variations on old characters are refreshing. Some change is sometimes good, and the usage of the characters works for the show. Having Jimmy become Clark's befriend as roommates helps keep the core.

Clark and Lois' romance in the beginning is a refreshing change since these two are destined for each other. The animation for the show is gorgeous in every way. The color schemes are not horrible and not too bright. 

My Adventures with Superman is a show with good and bad points. It attempts to offer a new take on the superhero that has been around for decades. However, the show's constant anime style of his powers and portrayal of how Superman is supposed to be can be frustrating for me.

One of the biggest issues with the show is that it tries to be an anime. While nothing is wrong with that, the display changes Superman's powers, making him appear weak and inexperienced. This contradicts the original story, where Clark's powers developed as he grew older. Furthermore, the power-up moments that Clark experiences in the show do not make sense and only serve to undermine the character.

Despite these issues, the show offers some refreshing character variations and animation changes. The usage of the characters works well, and the color schemes are not too bright. However, this does not make up for the show's flaws.

In conclusion, whether or not My Adventures with Superman is worth watching is entirely up to the viewers. However, it is essential to note that the show's attempts to be an anime and its portrayal of Superman can be frustrating for fans of the original story. Therefore, it's essential to consider these factors before deciding to watch the show.

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