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Like a Dragon Gaiden the man who erased his name steam deck review

Like a Dragon Gaiden the man who erased his name
Joryu aka Kazuma Kiryu

If you are into crime drama, action-adventure story-driven classic beat-up style games, then Like a Dragon Gaiden, The Man Who Erased His Name is the game for you.

Like the many Yakuza games before, Like a Dragon Gaiden, not to confuse like a dragon, is the seventh entry to the running Yakuza series.

Like a Dragon Story gaiden the man who erased his name short and sweet

The story gets better as you play the game. The story spans over 12 hours and continues to build from the events of Yakuza 6 and combines the story from Yakuza: Like a Dragon.

Kuzam Kiryu is the man who erased his name from past events by making a deal with the Dojima Clan.

The deal was made that Kiryu would fake his death to keep the kids at the orphanage safe in Osaka and that he would work undercover as an agent for other Yakuza clans.

Throughout the story, I wondered how adding glasses to a well-known Yakuza who has been obliterating enemies since the early 2000s would fool anyone. As I played, my question was answered by those who knew how to figure it out.

So, you can say that it was a part of the story. In a way, making a bit of a joke out of the situation ( at least, that is what I thought ). But, I, like many others, enjoyed the story and cannot wait for the next installment, Like a Dragon Infinite Wealth, to be released.

Action-packed but the lack of depth halts the thought combat

Like a dragon Gaiden

Like most of the Yakuza games, the combat is always a plus. I noticed the need for more styles. Like many games before, it could switch between four styles. Like a dragon gaiden, the man who erased his name for more of a lore to the story, you only have two styles.

This makes the RPG element of the game a lot smaller, and it works. The two fighting styles are Agent and Kiryu's Dragon style. The difference from Yakuza: Like a Dragon uses a classic RPG turn-based combat while Like a Dragon Gaiden plays like the other Yakuza beat them up style.

Like a dragon, Gaiden has two styles of combat: Agent and Dragon.

The Agent style is the intro combat style to use in the game, providing exciting but lacking lustering combat weapons. While using the Agent style, you get a finesse fighting style. It takes more hits to take out your opponent, but you get some gadgets to help the battle.

In the Agent-style combat, you get four useful gadgets along the journey. Hornet, Spider, Firefly, and Serpent are the so-called gadgets used in combat.

The Hornet sends out drones that can attack or defend you during fights, while the Serpent is a rocket-powered boot that can be used to rush into the enemy like a torpedo or escape from a heavy assault.

The Firefly is explosive in the shape of a Cigarette with a timer that will explode, causing massive damage, and last is the Spider gadget ( probably my favorite gadget ). The Spider gadget is a string that can be used to pick up items in and out of combat and to use as a way to fight.

Some of these gadgets flow with the combat, like the spider gadget gives Kiryu further reach in battle; you can use the gadget as a way to stop enemies in their tracks or even allowing you to use the spider as a fishing reel, launching them towards you giving you a chance to lay a devastating blow.

Though the gadgets are cool to use in combat, they are not a gift to the game's action; for instance, if you want to use them during battle, it takes seconds to get the attack started. You can upgrade the gadget levels, but that does not make a massive difference in the long run.

So it is fantastic to see, but at the long end of the game, the spy gadgets must be thoroughly thought out to complete the combat.

A great crime drama on Steam Deck

Like a Dragon Gaiden

I played the majority of my game on my Steam Deck OLED. In fact, the pictures taken from the game are on my Steam Deck.

During my entire playthrough, I did not notice any significant stutters that would keep me from playing the game any further.

My entire playthrough took 25 hours; four of those hours originally started on my PC, but then I switched to my Steam deck for a different experience, and I enjoyed my time playing.

Like a Dragon Gaiden the man who erased his name plays excellently for the deck, and I would say get the game for a handheld device.

Remember that all of my specs were left on default except for the graphics. I changed the settings from medium to high. That gave my resolution a crisper look without dropping my FPS under 30 frames.

A 4 out of 5 game

I had a great time playing another Yakuza game. The combat again stands on its own with minor setbacks dealing with the spy gadgets.

If it were up to me, I would ask for a fully flourished thought process for making the gadgets feel more fluid while in battle.

The combat is a 4 out of 5 with some minor issues. The story is a 4 out of 5, with the concept being weird because of how the characters react to Kazuma Kiryu.

In the end, we give Like a Dragon Gaiden, the man who erased his name, a total of 4 out of 5 and a must-play in the series.

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