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How to fix the Rog Ally Windows update

  • Rog Ally Window Update issue

  • Three ways to fix the Windows update

Images of games you can play on the rog ally
Rog Ally poster of three games The Witcher 3, Helldivers 2, Baldur's Gate 3

The Rog Ally Windows Update is causing a problem

The recent Rog Ally Window update has caused many problems for the Rog Ally fan base. The recent Windows update has some gaming issues for AMD users. While the update was to fix other issues with Windows 11, it has dropped the FPS for Rog Ally users. Players from Reddit report that after updating Windows, their game would stutter even while having an FPS of 60.


Users commenting on the Reddit report all have the same issue with the recent Windows 11 update kb5035853. The update is causing major stutters in-game performances. 


One Rog Ally player talked about how bad Baldur's Gate 3 performance has become Stating.

"I’m experiencing some bad performance on Baldur’s Gate 3. Even playing everything on Low, 900p, and 20W, it doesn’t go any higher than 40fps and suddenly drops down to less than 20fps, with lots of stuttering. When it happens, I always notice the GPU with 800mHz (I'm not sure about the unit here). Since I've owned it for only a couple of weeks, I'm not sure if it’s related to the update or not." - link to the direct Reddit report

The Solutions to the Rog Ally Windows Update

There are many fixes to this issue, and many seem to repeat the same solution to getting your Ally back in working order. So we will list as many as we see and also leave a link where you can try these methods.

Fix 1: Try disabling the in-game overlay feature by following the steps here


  1. Open the AMD Adrenaline app.

  2. Click on the Settings icon and go to the Preferences section.

  3. Disable the in-game overlay toggle and then close the app.

  4. Restart your Ally.


If that does not work, then try Fix 2


Fix 2 Uninstall the March 2024 Windows update in these 3 steps


  1. Search Uninstall Updates in the start menu and press the enter key.

  2. Click on the Uninstall button next to the kb5035853 update.

  3. Then click uninstall again to remove the update.


If this does not work, this last fix should help


Fix 3: Reset the AMD Adrenaline app using the advanced settings page


  1. Search AMD in the start menu and click on advanced options

  2. Then navigate down to reset

  3. Click on the repair button, then check if your game to make sure it runs better

  4. If you are still having stutters, repeat steps 1 through 3


We understand how frustrating this can be for gamers. Hopefully, the 3 fixes work and get those affected by the Windows update back on track to playing their games without any stutters.

The The REDDIT report that helps provide some of the fixes that helps provide some of the fixes also talks about the experiences people are having with the recent windows Update.

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