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Hobgoblin is Deadly in Miles Morales Spiderman #9

Miles Morales Spiderman #9 is possibly the best comic issue in the entire run.

In the last few issues we have seen Miles battle Rabble, a supervillain who felt she needed to take back her opportunity after Miles won the lottery she felt she deserved. Cletus Kasady aka Carnage ties into the carnage reigns storyline. And now we get a two-part issue of Miles versus the Hobgoblin.

Warning there are spoilers in this comic to explain the pros and cons

Pros & cons of miles morales spiderman #9

Hobgoblin saves the day....or comic.

The best thing about this comic book was the action and art direction. Like most comics, the action is one to two panels and then we get some dialogue or a different scene. But not this time the action flooded the entire comic which is a great thing. Maybe the team has been watching anime fights because that's what we got this time around. Hobgoblin has proven to be a great foe and maybe a huge villain that can rival Miles Morales Spiderman.

This version of The Hobgoblin seems more psychopathic than ever. Talking about his mission to be here and how he has seen what was in the abyss of darkness. Usually, the dialogue in Cody Ziglar Miles Morales comics is not the greatest thing with all of the lecturing and whatnot. But the conversation between Miles and a derange-focused Hobgoblin seems to help flush out what thoughts Miles is suffering from that are blocking his powers. 

Again Hobgoblin is what sells this comic issue for me. Seeing how ruthless, and devoted to completing his mission. We get to see a cool ending of Hobgoblin finding his goal and using it. Which turns out to be the queen goblin aka Ashely Kafka.   

The tides of battle change way too quickly like in Avengers Endgame

Like the cool battle in Marvel's Avengers: Endgame when Captain America's backup finally arrives to battle Thanos and his army. This comic suffers from it too. Now how can such a cool scene be a bad thing? Simply put like that scene it changes everything way too quickly.

While Miles Spider-Man is battling a deranged Hobgoblin who is getting the best of him. His partner Starling comes to help out. While two on one can be an advantage this is Hobgoblin we are talking about. A crazier Hobby. I'm not saying he should completely wipe the floor with them but they shouldn't completely win the battle of little bighorn to use figure of speech. It seems to be a trend in Marvel Comics today. If it is a female character she can change the tide of battle or completely overpower.

Again like the Marvel movie Endgame, once backup arrived Thanos's army did nothing but get slaughtered. For such a cool moment it left a battle being desired. Which is what Cody Ziglar could have had at this moment. Starling is a good fighter at times, but not enough to completely overpower Hobgoblin who's pushed Spiderman to his limits.

It was like watching the last episode of Moon Knight how Layla El-Faouly played by May Calamawy when changed into the Scarlet Scarab. This completely turns the tide of battle which takes away from your audience. To watch a great battle you have to look at it as a dance. There is more back-and-forth happening than one side completely leading the show and I think Cody Ziglar missed that.

The dialogue has never truly been a yes for me. But in this comic issue of Miles Morales Spiderman, it has been a bit better compared to the other 8 issues.

Final thought and verdict

While mentioning the downside to what this comic has to offer in terms of its usage of a female hero. The comic overall may be the best in this entire run. Hobgoblin was used in a great way. The choice to make him more over the edge helps set up the next issue for Spider-Man to deal with some traumatic issues that have been plaguing him throughout the run.

The artwork's direction also helped evolve the battle and what needed to be captured in the story. I think this comic is a must-read and I give this comic a 4 out of 5.  

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