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Fate Samurai Remnant is a decent action RPG with some stale mechanics, but not worth the price

 Fate Samurai Remnant is a decent action RPG with some stale mechanics.

If you have not played Fate Samurai Remnant yet, do not rush to play it now. This is a game that is strictly for sale only. The game is not worth the full price. Instead, I recommend Like a Dragon Gaiden The Man Who Erased His Name, or even Robocop. I played much of this game on my Steam Deck and Rog Ally before switching to my gaming PC for more time.

​Fate/samurai is a video game produced Koei Tecmo games, and is available for PS4, PC, Xbox, Steam. 

Fate/samurai remnant takes place in Japan's Edo period. You play from the perspective of Miyamoto Irori and his servant, Saber, as you two fight in a fierce battle against several other masters. The seven pairs of Masters must fight to the death thanks to the spell called the waxing moon ritual in Edo, Japan. Saber, along with the other historical heroic spirits, helps their masters fight to be the one who is granted a wish at the end of the waxing moon Ritul.  

No, the game is not bad, but it has a lot of stale ideas that do not go anywhere.

For every good moment, there was a what's next. The game introduces a lot of information to the player right away. Thus, the first four hours are one big tutorial. You must endure a constant information dump for four hours while you try to play the game.


As you learn and play, you will realize everyone talks so much because every fight gets boring because of its repetitive nature. The mechanics of the mini-boss fights, which are the majority of the game, are bait and switch. The combat mechanic has this half-baked idea on counters. Firstly, you have to buy the counter skill, and you use it when dodging an attack, and you are prompted to hit a button to attack that doesn't change the course of the battle. 



Here's what I hated about the combat. The only way to attack a boss because of their spirit armor is to wait for them to do their attack pattern and miss. Once they miss or are finished with their attack, they glow a whiteish-blue color. This is your attack window. You get 5 seconds before you have to rinse and repeat that sequence again.

 The experience can be up and down, but Fate Samurai remnant is a beautiful game of playing on my Rog Ally and Steam Deck.

Since I have been playing on the Steam deck and Asus Ally, the game has frozen once and crashed once on both handhelds. For the most part, my experience with both handhelds playing the game has been great, minus the boringness of the game over time. However, I have caught myself favoring the Steam deck more when it comes to long playthroughs for two reasons.

Reason number one is because the Rog dies very quickly. You can keep the device plugged in, getting more power during your play, but sometimes I want to sit on the couch with my two pups and play. I don't want to worry about how close I am to an outlet. The battery life with the Ally is just an hour.

This would cause me to grab my charger to continue my play or switch over to the deck. Which comes in handy at this time. The steam deck always gave me an hour and a half to almost two hours. Nothing compared to the Nintendo Switch, but this game is a bit more demanding than any Switch game. So, I had longer run times on the switch.

Reason number two is the best reason I kept playing it on my Steam deck instead. The deck gave me better support while playing. Sometimes, I would have to make minor hand adjustments when playing with the Rog. After thirty minutes, I would have to adjust to get back comfortable; that rarely happened with the steam deck.

Because of how slow this game can be, I also used the Steam deck a bit more because the battery could handle the long times this game used to talk. I say no if you were thinking of grabbing this for the Rog. The Rog will lose battery in the hour you play Fate Samurai Remnant. You have read all of the dialogue and had one fight.

Overall, I did have an excellent time playing this game in handheld mode; both devices handled the graphics perfectly and were compatible to run the game.

 It's a fun game, but it could be better

 Like I said, it is a fun game to play in portions. If you try playing this game in sessions, you will get the most out of it. However, if you are thinking of grinding out the weekend to level up or beat this game, that is a poor choice of a weekend.


The game is slow, and I mean slow; most of the time, you are still learning something about the game design. I have been playing for hours now (while writing this review ), and I still feel like I am in the game's opening.


Its biggest setback is the half-thought ideas for every idea made into the game. The team should have added more, leaving it sometimes feeling half-done. On top of that, the combat feels incomplete. I find it funny that the computer can block when it wants to, but you, as a player, cannot.


The sad part about this is that the game could be more flashy and complex enough to not have a block system. As I said, all you have to do is dodge and attack when prompted to or use your servant to do most of the damage because they are at a higher level.


If you get this game, you will be wasting your money, and you should buy better games for your Steam deck or Rog Ally or Lenovo. I give this game a 2 out of 5.

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