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Dealing with Video Game Burnout 5 games to play

How to deal with video game burnout? Do not forget to take a look at our latest reviews on video games too.

You may be thinking games are getting boring and that it's time for you to stop playing altogether.

This is not to excuse bad games made by greedy companies. No, instead we want to help point out why you may have a case of Video game burnout. Especially with games becoming more expensive than before.

But the real problem is your burnout with video games. Before you come for our heads with the pitchforks saying how wrong we are. Take a good look at your gaming catalog.

How diverse are your games? Are you in between playing Legend of Zelda's Tears of the Kingdom and the latest Call of Duty game? Think about it this way. If you play type of game for months on end of course you will start to get bored.

You can't play every Ubisoft game and think all games are the same. The majority of you guys play multiplayer games and expect something new every time. That is the definition of insanity. So now we get games like Elden Ring and it receives high appraisals for being different.

In reality, the game is an open world that doesn't have a linear storyline. I get it Forspoken did not look and play like the tech demo we all saw and said yes to. But that just proves we only want graphic improvements and not video game improvements.

What can you do about your Video Game burnout?

How about playing a bigger variety of games? You can look at a game and know it is not for you. But giving a game a try is the experience. In fact, doing so will probably change your perspective on gaming as a whole.

You have been playing one to maybe two styles of games. Action-packed with a crappy story or strictly online with a ton of reasons to say this game cheats. Well, give yourself some more ingredients. It's safe to try other games. It's okay to play that SpongeBob game, it probably has a better story than Elden Ring anyway.

I kid I kid. To be honest I am a creature of habit too. I tend to stick around a certain genre RPG games and because of that I catch myself creating a huge backlog of games too. In fact, I till this day have not beaten Divinity Original Sin 2. Turn-base games are one of my favorite genres next to RPG games.

So here's what I propose for all of us. Let's get out of thinking video games are not as good in the 90s or early 2000s. Instead, let's start playing different genres of games and see if it is the gaming industry or is it us being too afraid to play something out of our comfort zone.

If you have been playing only RPG games in the last year I challenge you to pick up a First person shooter. Give yourself a chance to play something that lets you run and gun first. Take a chance on a more faster strategy I guarantee you will have a blast.

I know video games are not cheap and believe I am thinking twice about forking over 70 dollars for a game I may not like. So let's focus on more free-to-play games.

The key is to give yourself a chance to do something different than what you have been doing in the past six months. Burnout starts when you create the same routine.

I'm not here to lecture anyone on what to do about their burnout. I just think that instead thinking it is the games that are bad. It could be you are getting bored with the games you are playing because of the same style of game you play or games you play.

So here are five games RPG gamers should play to give themselves a break.

5 games Dealing with video game Burnout

  1. Days Gone is sort of like an RPG game but without the elements and point damage system. It has a handy crafting system and is open-world.

  2. Battlefield 2042 Yes I know this is a FPS game and it belongs on this list for you to lose yourself in. Play online and get to shooting. It's fun and at the time of this article, a new season pass will start.

  3. Naraka Bladepoint is a hack-and-slash multiplayer battle royal that puts 60 players in the ring with tons of weapon upgrades and special abilities.

  4. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Shredder's Revenge is a short game on this list but it brings back the classic side-scroller style with amazing coloring. Plus it's the Ninja Turtles enough said.

  5. Far Cry 5 is a great open-world FPS to lose yourself in. A small RPG element is in this game but that is only missions and player choice.

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