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Bring us Carnage Insomniac Games not as a Side Quest, but as a Boss

Updated: Dec 28, 2023

Insomniac Games, bring us Carnage, please, not for a Side Quest, but as a Boss in the DLC.

If you have not completed the Flame side quest by now, you should because there is a huge easter egg in there. We have Carnage baby. The side mission is a perfect setup for potential DLC for Spider-Man 2 or the following setup for Spider-Man 3.

What is the Flame story?

The Flame story is relatively simple and easy to understand. The Flame is a madman who believes he is doing the right thing, or we are so to believe. He wants to start the () by blowing up New York City and purging the city with fire, as he thinks he is the chosen one.

Of course, Spidey steps in to stop him, but with some help from a friend, that seems to have disappeared for a while. Yuri is back, and she is back the vigilante called the Wraith. She has been tracking and trying to thwart the Flame and his cronies' plans.

The real reason behind Insomniac game methods

You fight Yuri in the third mission of the side quest because she tries to Kill the Flame. Since our loveable wall-crawler interferes, she reveals that The Flame is a serial killer who goes by many names—including Cletus Kassidy.

For those who do not know, Cletus is the madman who turns the red symbiote into what we call Carnage. But in the final mission, "It was meant for me," you must stop Cletus's plans from ever achieving. The plan is to bomb a huge part of Brooklyn and burn everything down.

How will the plans work well? There are four bombs, and a group of enemies guards each. There are two choices you can make during this Side Quest. If you decide to go about the mission quietly, you can have an easier time with the bombs. But if you choose fist-flying, Spider sense-tingling, you must rush to take out the bombs because now you have started a timer.

Ultimately, the mission leads to a massive brawl for all Yuri and Spidey take on the flames worshipers. After rounds of fighting, we get a cutscene to the next part of the plan, and now you have to stop a moving train headed towards you and ready to explode. Thanks to quick thinking by Wraith, you manage to derail the train, saving Brooklyn at the cost of being trapped under the train.

But this is where the entire plot twist comes into play. The plan for the Flame was not to bomb the city or even put the city in a great ball of fire. No, the actual plan was what was inside of the train. Remember when we said Cletus Kassidy was mentioned? The plan was to open up the Oscorp train to steal a symbiote.

From the beginning, the plan was to get that symbiote and do what we can only believe to be no good.

What We Think Insomniac Games should do

This could be one of two things Insomniac Games can pull off. The next Spider-Man game could feature Cletus as Carnage as the next villain in another side quest or make him a DLC boss. We would like this to go both ways. Insomniac has a poor track record with its DLC in their Marvel Spider-Man game—Hammerhead, Silver Sable, and the black cat are all well-known Marvel characters but nothing groundbreaking.

Having Carnage in the DLC and the next game can and will increase superhero games' stakes. The story could be Miles trying to stop Cletus from committing a series of murders as Carnage, and the story leads to the actual 3rd game. Because Peter has given up on being Spider-Man, it leaves Miles as the main hero for the next game.

This will be the next big thing, pushing Insomniac Games Spider-Man series as one of the best superhero games.

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