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Best games to play on ASUS rog ally z1 extreme one is No Rest for the Wicked

Updated: 2 days ago

The games mentioned in this article range from old to new, and each game can be played in Performance mode, but to get the best performance, it is best to put Rog Ally in Turbo mode.

Some games may also require adjusting the gaming resolution and graphics. But have no fear—each game can be played, and if you follow my settings, you will have the best time with your gaming.

List of the best games to play on Asus Rog Ally Z1 Extreme

  1. Dragon Ball Z Kakarot

Asus Rog Ally
Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot

Dragon Ball Z Kakarot Is a great game that allows you to relive the story of Goku and his amazing friends. Journey the stories of Dragon Ball Z to even Super, the latest story arc in the Dragon Ball Universe.

The wonderful thing about this game is that it is not demanding graphics-wise. So, Rog Ally can handle whatever this game throws at it.

You can run this game in 720p, 900p, and 1080p and still get over 80 FPS, which is great for a button masher like this and makes it one of the best games to play on the Asus Rog Ally.

2. No rest for the wicked

Asus Rog Ally
No Rest for the Wicked

No Rest for the Wicked is the newest Action RPG. It initially resembles Diablo 4, but once you begin to play, it slowly reveals itself as another Souls-like game.

The Rog Ally Z1 Extreme can handle playing No Rest for the Wicked well with high 40 FPS in quality settings on performance. If you want to play with the best quality performance, you will get frames in the low 30s to even the mid-20s. Of course, if you turn on your operating mode to Turbo, you can achieve high frames, but at a cost to your battery.

It is best to play this game in a default state to give yourself more battery time as you play. So, I left the operating mode in Performance mode and not Turbo.

 Here is the setting I used to play on my Rog Ally. It's not a demanding game, so the listing is very short.

Resolution: 1080p

V-sync: off

Quality Settings: Performance

Render Scale: 80%

Motion Blur: 0

3. Persona 3 Reloaded

Playing Persona 3 on the Rog Ally
Persona 3: Reloaded

Persona 3 at 1080p will run in performance mode between 45 and 50 frames per second. This is, in my opinion, the sweet spot for your gaming. The longer your battery life is, the longer you can play and enjoy your games. Sometimes, the game will dip in frames, but there is nothing to sweat about.

The Rog Ally can play all of Microsoft Xbox Game Pass and is probably the closest to being an Xbox gaming handheld, as rumors begin to die down on Microsoft's decision. But in the meantime, the Rog Ally Z1 plays Persona 3: Reloaded very well.

If you need 60 fps, drop the resolution or turn on turbo mode.

The default graphical settings

Display Mode: 1080p

Graphic Quality: High

Render Scale: 100%

Shadow Quality: High

Frame Rate Limit: 60

Battlefield 2042

4. Battlefield 2042

Asus Rog Ally
Battlefield 2042

Battlefield 2042 is one of the best games to play on Rog Ally. Over the years, DICE has worked hard to make this game playable. As of the time of writing this article, you can play Battlefield on Steam for under 10 dollars.

I could get a decent frame rate, but it would occasionally drop below 30 FPS. But that is okay. The gameplay quickly turned in my favor, with 40 FPS, which is not bad for a PC gaming handheld. If you play in Performance mode, the FPS will struggle, so stay in Turbo. Small disclaimer: the game will stutter a bit.

My settings for Battlefield 2042

Fullscreen: Fullscreen

Screen Resolution: 1600x900

Refresh Rate: 60hz.

Motion Blur: 0

Chromatic Aberration: Off

Vignette: Off

Graphics Quality: Low Settings

Texture Quality: Low

Texture Filtering: Low

Lighting Quality: Low

Post Process Quality: Low

Mesh Quality: Low

Terrain Quality: Low

Undergrowth Quality: Low

Antialiasing Post-Processing: TAA Low

Ambient Occlusion: Low

High Fidelity Amount: Low


Dynamic resolution: Off

Dynamic Resolution Scale: 100%

Ray-traced ambient occlusion: Off

5. Manor Lords

Manor Lords on the Asus Rog Ally
Manor Lords

Manor Lords is the latest city-builder RTS game to hit the scene and has a huge positive rating on Steam. With great graphics and a complex system, the game can really be great with a little patience.

The tremendous graphic control makes Manor Lords one of the best games to play on the Asus Rog Ally Z1 Extreme. Think about it this way: you do not need to change the resolution to get the best frames or to make it look great. You can play this game on 1080p and set the operating mode to performance.

Graphic Settings

Display Mode: borderless Fullscreen

Resolution: 1080p

Antialiasing: FSR

FSR Quality: Performance

Vsync: off

Max Framerate: 60

Sharpening: off

Shader quality: low

Shadow quality: low

Postprocess quality: medium

Bounced light approximation: medium

Volumetric clouds: off

Terrain texture resolution: low

Foliage Quality: low

6. Aliens Dark Descent

Asus Rog Ally gaming
Aliens Dark Descent

Aliens Dark Descent is a surprising twist on the Aliens franchise for the video game scene. After the not-so-hot Alien Fireteam PvE disaster, we got a twist on the game. That is Alien Dark Descent, a Real-Time Strategy horror game.

You can expect to play this game at a low resolution and still have a great-looking game in your hands. This is a moderately demanding game, but keeping the settings low will prevent the fps from dipping below 30. However, my FPS stayed below 60 fps as I played with the settings.

Leaving the Asus Rog Ally Z1 extreme in performance mode will keep the battery longer and allow for more playing time.

Game presets

Display Mode: Fullscreen

Resolution: 1080p

AMD Fidelity Super Resolution: Off

Graphics: Low

Antialiasing: high

Texture: high

Effects: medium

Post-process: high

geometry: medium

Shadow: medium

Foliage: high

Shading: high

7. Days Gone

Asus Rog Ally Z1 Extreme
Days Gone

You can play Days Gone in any setting, thanks to the AFMF kicking in to help smooth out the frames. The only thing is that if you want to play the game at its highest graphic settings, you will need to turn on turbo mode.

However, if you use my settings, you can play this game in performance mode, which will give you a little longer with your battery. The frame rate is well over 40 FPS, so you will have a wonderful time playing this on your Asus Ally log.

Graphic settings

Display Fullscreen

Resolution 1080p

v-sync 120hz

Quality Settings: Low

Lighting: Low

Chromatic off

Motion blur off

Lighting quality low

Geometry quality low

Foliage distance low

Shadow low

Cloud low

Texture low

8. Divinity Original Sin 2

PC gaming on the Asus Rog ally
Divinity Original Sin 2

If you are a fan of Baldur's Gate 3, then this is a game; you will love it if you still need to play it. But it's one of the best games on your Asus Rog Ally. Divinity Original Sin 2 is Larina's Studios most excellent game you can play.

No matter what resolution you put the game in, you will have an excellent FPS of over 40 while in performance mode.

Settings to play this game in with impressive performance

Resolution: 1080p 120HZ

V-sync: triple buffering

Quality Mode: Ultra

Texture: High

Texture Filtering: anisotropic 16x

Lighting Quality: High

Shadows: enable

Light Shadows: Enable

Shadow Quality: High

Bloom: Enable

God Rays: enable

Ambient Occlusion: enable

Depth of Field: Enable

9. Fallout Series

Playing the Asus Rog Ally in bed room
Fallout 4

Every Fallout game runs amazingly well on the asus rog ally. If you want to play any of the games in the series, there are no worries, as each game runs above expectations.

After the latest update to Fallout 4, the rog can play with frames over 90 FPS. Our article on games over 100 FPS is on the Rog Ally.

Marvel Midnight Suns

Midnight Suns is a cool take on the Marvel universe with a strategy card battle simulator. You can build a team of three with iconic Marvel superheroes like Spider-Man, Blade, and Iron Man.

You can play this game on medium settings across the board while leaving the PC handheld in performance mode. The frame rate will dip under 30 at times, but this is nothing to be upset about.

If you want to stay in the 40 while playing, you can follow one of the two suggestions: turn on Turbo mode while keeping your gaming settings at medium. The second step is to turn the graphical settings down to low and enjoy your playtime with one of the best games to play on Rog Ally.

Game Settings

Window Display: 1080p

Renderer: DirectX12

Window Mode: Windowed Fullscreen

Master Quality: Medium

World Detail: Medium

Draw Distance: Medium

Textures: medium

Effects: medium

Foliage: Medium

Post Processing: medium

Antialiasing: fast

Screen space reflection: off

Depth of field: medium

Motion blur: medium

Number of shadows: low

Shadows: medium

Volumetric fog: medium

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