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Comic Books review Batman and Robin #1

Updated: Nov 6, 2023

Batman and Robin #1 suffers from artwork and could hold the comic back.

The Cover of Batman and Robin issue 1 Batman and Robin jumping out of a window with a blaze of fire behind them

Summary of Issue 1

The story follows Batman and Robin as the events from the Lazurus planet. Bruce and Damian live in a new home with no Alfred and the famous mansion, Wayne Manor. Bruce wants Damian to live a life as a teen, but Damian has other plans.

Williamson and Di Meo have a clear direction for Batman and Robin.

The simplicity of the story was the best part of the entire comic. Joshua Williamson is taking a stab at the writing direction for Batman and Robin. Given his run with the Dark Crisis event, I am skeptical of his writing direction regarding storytelling.

This is not to say he is a lousy writer, but there were times in the dark crisis events I thought could have been better. But I liked how simple Josh made the story in this comic. He did not try to complicate things right away. Instead, he gave the reader time to digest what was happening in the title.

Another reason I liked this comic book. We got to see the relationship between Bruce and Damian and not just Batman and Robin. Joshua is at his best when he gets to set up a story and writes for one main run and not events.

We got a new villain in the comic who could be a gag character because of how fast Batman and Robin handled her. White Rabbit is her name, and she has minions called black rabbits. Will she be in future comic issues as a gag character? It will be acceptable to add some comedy to the storyline.

The character direction is new and could take some time to get used to.

This story takes place after a few events in Batman; Alfred, the loving butler, is dead from the City of Bane story arc. Continuing that, we see how this still affects both Bruce's and Damian's lives. Joshua does a fantastic job showing the rocky relationship between Bruce and Damian outside of the suits.

On the other hand, the two work better than any dynamic duo once they put on the mask. Thus making the story follow well enough to understand and follow along. I want the audience to know what will happen next.

What I did not like about this comic book

The art took a lot of work to follow at times.

I struggled to get into the art direction. I am unfamiliar with Simone Di MEO's work ( Forgive me ), but at times, the art was just a bit off-putting for me reading this issue. This is funny because the cover drew me into picking up this story.

Di MEO art is maybe a fan favorite, but I had a hard time getting into it. The art style is on the manga side, and that is fine; who doesn't like a good manga to read?

However, many times, the panels were either blocked or just unclear to see what was happening. When the art is noisy, it deters from the story being told. The art felt on a dail of 10 in most panels, while the dialogue was on 7. If that is the case for this comic run, things may not reach a different level.

The art is alright. It just was not a favorite for me. At times, I could not tell what was happening in some scenes. The cover is excellent, but Di MEO can lower its volume to avoid taking over the story in future issues. Again, I originally picked up this comic because of his cover art. Still, the artwork takes over the entire comic and makes it clutter.

My final thought on Batman and Robin #1

Overall, the comic is a good first issue to the story Willaimson is trying to tell. The simplicity and direction of what leads to the comic will probably determine how this run will turn out.

However, the artwork by Di MEO will be the crushing blow this run. His art for this run could be more straightforward to follow in each panel. Only some panels have a problem, but most of the issue is hard to understand.

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