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ASUS ROG Ally Gaming: Top 5

Our ASUS ROG Ally Gaming: Top 5 list will help you determine what five games to play first. 


The Asus Rog Ally is a great handheld, next to the Steam Deck OLED, Legion Go, and even the PlayStation Portal to some extent. We wanted to come up with a top 5 list of games to play on your Rog Ally because, at one point, we didn't know what games played great on it; knowing this will and should change your gaming experience.

Our goal was to ensure these were compatible games and fully optimized for your playthrough. 

Our Criteria for Asus Rog Ally Gaming: Top 5 games

These top 5 games are ready to play and have little to no optimization.

Now, remember that the Rog Ally is a handheld PC that still requires some configuring with certain games on Steam, but for the most part, all of the games we chose are either verified or playable, according to Steam.

Our top goal in creating the list was to ensure that each game was playable with a minimum of 30 fps. Many games could have made the list, but we chose 5 to simplify it. 

 Top 5 Games for ASUS ROG Ally

Game 1: Cyberpunk 2077

Cyberpunk 2077 is a popular game set in a dystopian future where technology, crime, and corporations dominate the world. Use your Cybaware to take down your enemies in different roles as a Netrunner or become a Samurai with your amazing mantis blades as you try to survive in Night City. 


Cyberpunk 2077 would be an excellent match for the ASUS ROG Ally because it runs the game smoothly at 720p resolution with a mix of medium and high settings, achieving frame rates close to 60fps1. The ROG Ally's configuration allows for a balance between visual fidelity and performance, making it ideal for the game's detailed and immersive world. Additionally, the handheld nature of the ROG Ally means you can enjoy Cyberpunk 2077 on the go, with options to tweak settings for an optimal gaming experience.

     Because the Rog Ally allows players to optimize its power, players can turn on the Turbo and reach higher FPS while playing the game. If you have not played Cyberpunk 2077, the Asus Rog Ally Z1 Extreme will handle this game with more than enough power. 

- Game 2: The Witcher 3 

     The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt is an action role-playing game in which you play as Geralt of Rivia, a monster hunter who is searching for his adopted daughter, who is on the run from a supernatural force known as the Wild Hunt.

     -Portability: The ROG Ally's handheld design allows you to play "The Witcher 3" anywhere, without being tethered to a desktop or console.

Performance: The device is capable of running the game with good frame rates, ensuring smooth gameplay.

Graphics: You can enjoy the game's stunning visuals with the ROG Ally's ability to handle high-quality graphics settings.

Cooling: The ROG Ally is designed with efficient cooling, which is essential for maintaining performance during long gaming sessions.

Versatility: With Windows 11, you can not only play games but also use other applications, making the ROG Ally a versatile device for both gaming and productivity.

These features make the ROG Ally an excellent choice for enjoying The Witcher 3 with the flexibility of a handheld device.


Game 3: Final Fantasy 7: Remake

     - Final Fantasy VII Remake is a reimagining of the classic 1997 release, meticulously rebuilt to strike a balance between staying faithful to the original story and introducing fresh elements that make it feel new and exciting 1. Here's why you might want to consider playing it on your ROG Ally, making it in our ASUS ROG Ally Gaming: Top 5 list. 

Engaging Combat System: The combat system in FF7 Remake is top-notch. While it departs from the original's turn-based mechanics, it transforms the iconic Active Time Battle (ATB) system into real-time brawling. You control one character directly but can give orders to and swap between two others mid-fight. Charging up ATB bars allows you to use unique weapon abilities, spells, and items. The tension of making decisions in the heat of battle is reminiscent of the original game.

Expanded Story: FF7 Remake covers the events that take place in the city of Midgar, where Cloud Strife and his allies battle the evil Shinra corporation.

The campaign stretches roughly the first five hours of the original into more than 33 hours of gameplay. This extended storytelling time allows even smaller characters like Avalanche's Jessie, Biggs, and Wedge to become nuanced and compelling co-stars .

Fresh Perspectives: The remake combines shot-for-shot recreations of the original with brand-new scenes. Some expansions offer enticing new perspectives, while others may feel like pointlessly dull padding. However, overall, it breathes exciting new life into a classic.

Visual Splendor: Playing FF7 Remake on your ROG Ally will allow you to appreciate its stunning visuals. The game has been meticulously rebuilt, and the attention to detail is impressive.

Remember that FF7 Remake is only the first part of a planned series that will eventually retell the entire story of the 1997 JRPG classic. So, if you're a fan of JRPGs, captivating narratives, and immersive worlds, this game is definitely worth experiencing. Enjoy your adventure in Midgar!

Game 4: Baldur's Gate 3

     Baldur's Gate 3 is a role-playing video game set in the forgotten realms. Players begin their journey held captive on a mind-flyer ship. After escaping, they must navigate a world filled with challenges and decisions that shape their path while dealing with the parasitic tadpole implanted in their brains by mind-flyers.

     Performance: The ROG Ally is equipped with robust hardware that can handle the game's graphics-intensive demands, ensuring a smooth and visually captivating experience.

Display Quality: The ROG Ally boasts a display with high refresh rates and rapid response times, which can significantly enhance your gaming experience with smoother frames and less motion blur.

Storage Options: With options of 512 GB or 1 TB storage, the ROG Ally can accommodate the large file size of "Baldur's Gate 3" without much concern.

Optimized Settings: The ROG Ally allows for optimized game settings, ensuring around 3–4 hours of gameplay with good frame rates and visual settings.

Customization: The Armoury Crate software on the ROG Ally enables you to customize your performance mode and keyboard settings, tailoring the experience to your preferences.

While the Steam Deck is a strong contender, the ASUS ROG Ally's features make it a compelling choice for an immersive gaming experience with Baldur's Gate 3.

 Game 5: Helldiver 2

      Certainly! Helldivers 2 is an exhilarating cooperative action game set in a galaxy teeming with alien invaders.

Optimized Performance: With the right settings, you can achieve a good balance between image quality and performance, with frame rates ranging from 35-40 FPS on Balanced Render Scale to 30-35 FPS on Quality Render Scale.

High Resolution: The game can run at the native resolution of the ROG Ally's display, 1920x1080, providing crisp and clear visuals.

FreeSync Premium Display: The ROG Ally's display features FreeSync Premium, eliminating screen tearing and minimizing stutter, ensuring smooth motion regardless of frame rate fluctuations.

Customizable Settings: You have the flexibility to adjust settings like Motion Blur to your preference without significantly affecting performance1.

Portability: The ROG Ally's handheld nature allows you to enjoy Helldivers 2 wherever you go, making it convenient to play anytime.

These features make the ROG Ally a great platform for enjoying Helldivers 2 with high performance and visual quality.


These five games all bring fun, amazing action to your Asus Rog Ally. While some games require the internet to play, others allow you, the player, to take them on an adventure within an adventure. 

Special optimization at your hands can easily turn the tide of what the perfect game can be for you. Hopefully, our ASUS ROG Ally Gaming: Top 5 list will help make your gaming much more than you were expecting. 

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