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A quick fix to an annoying Steam Deck Issue

The Steam Deck has issues and here is the fix
Fixes to your Steam Deck Issues

Why is this happening?

A Reddit user found a weird and troublesome Steam deck issue that occurs when you put the Steam deck in sleep mode and later wake it up. 

Watching the video on Reddit, the user is clearing playing Skyrim and wants to show what happens every time they put their device into sleep mode. 

On command, the device turns off, and in an instant, the system turns on, and a little pop-up shows, and you lose all control of the game. 

Here is what is happening with the Steam Deck Issue

When the player puts the Steam Deck in sleep mode and turns it back on, a problem occurs. For some reason, the controls stop working. 

To be more direct to what the Reddit user is saying, the PC handheld controls are not controlling the game; they are controlling an invisible window instead. 

According to Reddit users, the controls work for the game, but the invisible menu is causing the problem. 

The fix to the Steam Deck oled issues

A temporary fix was to restart the Steam Deck shortly, which fixed the issue. But there is a better fix that will slightly reduce the SD's cool factor. 

Other users suggest putting the game on pause before putting the game to sleep, while others have had the same issue but with a controller. 

Controller fix

If you have had this issue with a controller, here is what you should do.

  1. Go to controller settings.

  2. Select reorder controller (first or second position does not matter)

The solution to the Steam Deck issue

This solution will fix the problem but remove the coolness of your gaming handheld PC.

  1. Go to settings

  2. Once in settings, go to customization

  3. Once in customization, look for "Use as Wake Movie." 

  4. Once you find "use as wake movie," you must turn it off. 

Unfortunately, turning this off will remove your wake movie, but it will fix the issue. If there are more fixes to this issue, I will constantly update with the better fix.

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