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A new patch for Starfield proves developers can release games 60 FPS on Xbox consoles [Patch is Beta]

Updated: May 3

Bethesda has released a new patch update for the game of the decade, Starfield, adding some much-needed bug fixes along with a huge fps update.


The new patch's major changes focus on several needed adaptations to the game, one of which is the biggest and maybe the most important one: it proves developers can and should make sure games play at 60 FPS at minimum.

Note: The update will not be released until May 15.


The new patch is directed for Xbox Series X giving Starfield a 60 FPS boost

The patch is not live as of this article's writing, but it will benefit all players if you look and pay close attention. The Patch focuses on FPS and display. Well, now you can make changes to your frame rate. Now, the patch will allow your Xbox to target 30, 40, and even 60 FPS.


In comparison, the patch is to give console players the look and feel of what PC players do and allow console players to customize how their gameplay journey. The part of the patch we all are looking at is still in beta, but it is patch 1.11.33.


You can now choose your Frame Rate Target: 30, 40, 60, or even uncap your fps on the VR display. To adjust this, you will need a TV display that can refresh up to 120hz. If you do not have a TV, you can only see 30 fps.


There are more updates and fixes with the patch that help players on both PC and Xbox consoles. For more on this update, you can read the Reddit page here: Starfield Update 1.11.33 - May 1, 2024 [BETA] : r/Starfield (

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